Pigmen kuning 139-Corimax Yellow 1841

Technical parameters of Pigment yellow 139

Nomor warna indeksPigmen kuning 139
Nama ProdukCorimax Yellow 1841
Kategori ProdukPigmen organik
Tahan luntur cahaya (lapisan)7
Tahan panas (lapisan)200
Tahan luntur cahaya (plastik)7
Tahan panas (plastik)240
Distribusi rona

Fitur: tembus.

Direkomendasikan untuk pelapis bubuk, PVC, karet, PS, PP, PE, PU.
Dapat digunakan dalam lapisan koil.
MSDS(Pigment yellow 139)

Informasi terkait

Struktur Molekul:

Sifat fisik dan kimia

Form: powder
Color: yellow
Odor: odorless

Data relevant to safety
Solubility in water: insoluble

Pigmen kuning 139

Pigment yellow 139 is an organic compound that is used as a yellow-orange pigment. It is classified as a derivative of isoindoline. This yellow-orange solid is virtually insoluble in most solvents.

The species is prepared by addition of ammonia to o-phthalonitrile to give the diiminoisoindoline, which in turn condenses with barbituric acid.