Pigmen ungu 29-Corimax Violet 5011

Daftar parameter produk

Nomor warna indeksPigmen violet 29
Nama ProdukCorimax Violet 5011
Kategori ProdukPigmen organik
Tahan luntur cahaya (lapisan)7
Tahan panas (lapisan)200
Tahan luntur cahaya (plastik)7-8
Tahan panas (plastik)290
Distribusi ronapv

Direkomendasikan untuk cat otomotif, cat arsitektur, cat industri, cat bubuk, pasta cetak, PVC, karet, PS, PP, PE, PU, tinta offset, tinta berbasis air, tinta pelarut, tinta UV.
Dapat diaplikasikan pada lapisan koil.

MSDS(Pigment violet 29)

As a high-performance colorant supplier, Zeya not only provides high-quality purple organic pigments, but also provides the following products: Pigment yellow 183, Pigment yellow 151, Pigmen kuning 191, etc. These yellow pigments have a high sales volume and are widely used. If you are interested in these products, you can visit the product page for details.
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